College Outpost, Alaska, USA

IU COLA commences operations on: 1996,166

Host University of Alaska
Network IU
Latitude 64.874
Longitude -147.862
Elevation 200
Datalogger Q330
Broadband KS-54000
Accelerometer FBA_ES-T_EpiSensor_Accelerometer
Telemetry Status at the NEIC Pending


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Vault Condition

The surface vault is climate controlled. The concrete pier is isolated from the floor of the vault.

Site Geology

The borehole is drilled into approximately 50 meters of various types of silt and loess. A colluvium layer exists between approximately 55 and 61 meters. Beneath the colluvium to 102 meters there are various types of granitic rocks, from felsic granitic finely grained rock to, at deeper sections, a highly altered granite. From 103 meters to 122 meters lithologies range from phyllite to calc phillite to quartzite at the bottom of the borehole. The surface vault sits atop the silt and loess deposits.