Kowa, Mali

IU KOWA commences operations on: 1998,067

Host National Center for Science and Technology Research
Network IU
Latitude 14.497
Longitude -4.014
Elevation 321
Datalogger Q330
Broadband STS-2_High-gain
Accelerometer FBA_ES-T_EpiSensor_Accelerometer
Telemetry Status at the NEIC Pending


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Station Heliplot


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Station Availability - Yearly

Vault Condition

40 meter horizontal tunnel with approx. 10-15 meters of overburden. (solid rock), *Dry and very hot

Site Geology


Site Condition

Located in the Niger River delta region of the Sahara desert in Mali continent of Africa. KOWA operates as a remote IRIS2 station with the data processor operating at the airport in Sevare and the acquisition unit operating at the Dogon village of Kowa approximately 10k from Sevare. The site uses radio modems for data transmission and solar power. A dialup modem is operational. Internet access is not available at this time. National language is French with 75% of the poulation speaking Bambara.