South Pole Remote Earth Science Observatory (Quiet Zone)

IU QSPA commences operations on: 2002,363

Host US National Science Foundation
Network IU
Latitude -89.929
Longitude 144.438
Elevation 2850
Datalogger Q330
Broadband KS-54000
Accelerometer n/a
Telemetry Status at the NEIC Pending


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Vault Condition

Surface instruments are in a 8ft diameter cylindrical vault with the floor of the vault ~4 m below the surface of the snow. Borehole instruments are in ~12" diameter holes at depths of 275m (KS54000) and 255m (Guralp). Boreholes are dry and not cased and are in solid ice. Boreholes will slowly collapse, but the strength of the downhole instruments are designed to withstand the hydrostatic load.

Site Geology

Surface instruments are in consolidated firn (sintered, relatively stiff snow) and borehole instruments are in solid blue ice.

Site Condition

Site is located 8km from the geographic south pole and sits on a glacier ~2.5km thick.